Submissions Wanted: Nomads/Vehicle Dwellers
Do you have a funny or heartwarming story to tell from your nomadic life on the road?
Would you like to be a published author?
Soggy Nomad Press is creating an anthology of upbeat nomad tales from the road.
Submit your well-written and well-edited story for consideration. You don’t need to be a professional writer. The stories of everyday nomads are appreciated. 
Your story should be 700-1,500 words in length.
Submissions must be received by March 15th. The writers of all accepted submissions will be notified by April 4, 2024.
This fun book celebrating our nomadic lifestyle will be published in both print (paperback) and ebook formats in early summer 2024. 
If your submission was previously published, please let us know when and where. Be sure you still hold all rights.
There is no pay. However, you can, and should, included a 100 word biography about yourself at the end of your tale. One social media link can be included, so if you have a website, Insta, Facebook or other social media please feel free to add in a bit of shameless self-promotion. The 100 word biography is separate from your articles word count.
Send your submission to: 
Remember the nomadic lifestyle theme. 
Funny is funny. Be humorous, be ridiculous, be satirical and/or self-effacing, but do not be trite. 
For heartwarming stories still stay lighthearted or end up there. No ‘my journey recovering from the death of… or cancer…’ type tales.  While those stores are important they are not in the scope of this title. 
We like variety. These do not need to be driving from Point A to Point B tales, unless that is your story. Think outside the box:
Van cooking mishaps 
New pets rescued on the road (kept humorous or lighthearted)
Amazing coincidences
Exploring bizarre places
Boondocking debacles 
Uncooperative tents
Observational humor 
First-person or third-person narration - it's all good!
Remember, in time, bad trips often make for the best stories.
Use your imagination and surprise us!
Please note: For this anthology we only want submissions from vehicle dwellers (Vans, Busses, RVs, cars, truck/tents…) only. No nomads who fly in and/or rent traditional accommodations. 
Also, this is not the format to shred people of businesses who have wronged you. 
That’s it in a nutshell. I look forward to reading your tales from the road best traveled!
Nola Lee Kelsey
Owner: Soggy Nomad Press
Send your submission to: 
Writing tips: 
If your are new to writing this is your chance to learn. Read up or watch some videos on what makes a good story. 
Vary your sentence structure/lengths and ask yourself how many of my sentences start with the word “I”. Find a way to arrange them so most do not. 
If you have an idea, but are stuck or nervous about writing, just write 1 paragraph no matter how bad it is. Get the rough thoughts onto paper. Put it away overnight. The next day read what your wrote and fix it up a bit. Repeat this pattern as long as needed. Your story WILL grow from this exercise. 
Once you think you are done, put your final work away for a few days. Come back and reread it it fresh eyes. Anything need changed?
Also, most people can not edit their own material. After days reworking a written piece, you’re eyes think they know what to expect and don’t see typos. Ask a grammar literate person to read  over your work.
Avoid getting opinions from people, like family, who will pump sunshine up your knickers and tell you your stories are wonderful even when they are average or below par. They mean well, but…
Send your submission to: 
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