Personalized Publications Big and Small
Let Soggy Nomad Press & Nola Lee Kelsey set up a fun and functional book project for anything from family gifts to establishing yourself as a expert in the field. Give them away or sell them worldwide? We can help with that.
Personalized Publication Inspirations
Simple notebooks with your child or pet on the cover
Complex journals or log books with you are the author positioning yourself as an expert
Recipe books to sell or gift online, gift to family…
Yearly/weekly planners with family photos to give as Christmas gifts
Composition books with your favorite quotes
Kid’s puzzle books for birthday party guests or holidays
Activity books with family history themed activities for family reunions
Wedding planners or notebooks with the happy couples names & image in the front
Scrapbook paper collection made with your art or photography
A collection of drawings from your classroom to give out on Mother’s Day
What SNP does for you?
Let Soggy Nomad Press help you build your personalized publication.
Custom page designs
Custom covers
Uploading for printing and distribution
Providing ISBNs if required
Placing titles on Amazon and Ingram when appropriate
Set up easy ordering for your personal purchases
Simple designs, such as photos on notebooks start at $35.00 and include a copy of your book. More detailed personalized books go up from there. Lets discuss the amazing possibilities!
Reach out through our Contact Form to learn more or schedule a free consultations.
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